At Live Right, we believe that a healthy lifestyle means taking care of yourself on an on-going basis and this is why we developed our VIP membership program. This plan has a 6 month commitment and brings many rewards! All we ask is that you pre-pay for one 60 minute treatment each month, and in return, we will provide you and everyone in your household with discounts on each and every service they come in for. The best part is, you can use the pre-paid service ($75 + GST) towards any of our services, as long as the total comes to $75 or more. We also understand that people have busy schedules, and so if you are not able to make it in on any given month, we will simply roll-over your service into the next month so that you never lose your pre-paid service. With this kind of flexibility, being a monthly guest is easy as well as rewarding.

  • Complimentary Aromatherapy Add-Ons for every Massage
  • 6 Month Term Commitment
  • Use with any service
  • One membership is for an entire household
  • Extends your benefits program
  • $75 per month + GST
  • Unused services roll-over into the next month
  • 5% off all Dermalogica product purchases
  • Cancel after your initial 6 months at any time with 30 days written notice

Introductory Offer

For clients trying us out for the first time, we have created a special selection of our featured treatments that are available for a special price. Please feel free to try all 3 of these treatments and get the full Live Right experience.

  • 60 Minute Intro Massage $65
  • 90 Minute Intro Hot Stone Massage $110
  • 60 Minute Intro Facial $65

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