What to Expect

At Live Right, we try to keep things as simple and easy as possible for all of our guests. In order to provide the most efficient and convenient level of service, we never require our guests to bring anything special for any of their appointments.

For All Treatments:

We provide slippers or sandals (depending on the season) so please leave your shoes by the front door. We also provide complimentary water bottles, so please feel free to help yourself at any point during your stay with us. Lastly, it is recommended to use the washroom before your treatment so you can avoid any interruption during your stay, however we are happy to stop at any time should you require it.

Massage Treatments:

For your first appointment with us, you will need to fill-out our 2 sided waiver form. These are available at the spa, or you can print and fill-out the form in advance if that is better for you. Please see the form download section for all of our blank forms.

Once you have completed the necessary paperwork, you will be escorted to your private massage room by your therapist, and after a brief conversation to assess your specific needs, you will be left to change and get comfortable on the table. Please disrobe to your own level of comfort, as our primary concern is always our customer’s feeling of comfort and satisfaction. Your therapist will always knock before entering your room to ensure that you are comfortable and covered, and then the treatment will begin.

All of our massages are completely customizable, and there are many things we can change to make a more pleasant experience. You can select one of our styles of music, or bring in your own, we can adjust the lighting to your needs, table and towel heat, or even specifying pressure or areas for the therapist to work on. Please keep in mind we are here to make the best experience for you as possible and we are always happy to take your requests.

Skin and Body Treatments:

As with massage, we have a separate waiver form for skin and body treatments. These are available in our form download section for your convenience. Your esthetician will greet you in the lobby and escort you to your treatment room and clarify what level of disrobing is required for your specific treatment. For facial skin treatments, it is not necessary to completely disrobe, however please feel free to make yourself as comfortable as possible. Our skin and body treatments are completely customized to your specific needs. After a brief skin analysis, our estheticians will collect the products that best suit your skin type and personal goals, and perform a detailed service focused on giving you the best possible results. Please feel free to ask questions about the products or service so that you have a solid understanding about what is happening with your personal treatment. Post – treatment, our estheticians will give you a short discussion on what you can do at home to continue receiving the best possible results, as well as what products will enhance your skin care.